PPA: Best Port from the East Med Region of MedCruise

Piraeus, July 2nd 2019




PPA: Best Port from the East Med Region of MedCruise


Piraeus port was awarded as the best cruise port in the Eastern Mediterranean by MedCruise at an event hosted in Genoa. The award was received by the PPA Manager of Strategic Planning & Marketing Dept. Ms. Theodora Riga. It is the first edition of Mare Nostrum Awards this year and cruise companies and international press representatives voted for this category. In the jury participated also cruise industry experts and Cruise Line executives.

MedCruise Association is the largest cruise port association in the Mediterranean, Black Sea, Adriatic Sea, Red Sea and Near Atlantic representing 130 ports and 32 cruise related companies from 21 countries and three continents.

According to the statistics for the first five months of 2019, the cruise sector of the Piraeus port showed an increase of about 14% compared to 2018 and homeporting (arrivals and departures from the port of Piraeus), which is a strategic objective of PPA's Management, showed a significant increase of 24%.

The CEO of PPA S.A. Capt. Fu Chengqiu stated:
"Piraeus is a modern and safe port and offers quality services according to the ISO international standards. The tender of the major project of the Southern Expansion which is in progress will further strengthen Piraeus' position as a major homeport port in the Mediterranean."