The Piraeus Port Users’ Council convened

Piraeus, February 26th 2021



The Piraeus Port Users’ Council convened


The 1st meeting for this year of the Piraeus Port Users’ Council was held via teleconference, on Thursday 25.02.2021, as provided by the article 104 of Law 4504/2017, under the chairmanship of the Deputy CEO of PPA S.A. Mr. Angelos Karakostas. The meeting attended 20 representatives from 16 institutions - users of port activities (cruise, coastal shipping, ship repair, etc.), professional and trade unions and also the Deputy Regional Governor of Piraeus Ms. Stavroula Antonakou.

During the meeting, various operational issues of the port were discussed and a fruitful dialogue and constructive exchange of views took place, in order to address the difficulties that have arisen due to the pandemic, as well as other issues related to the daily operation of the port of Piraeus.

All the participants in the committee agreed on the purposefulness and importance of the Port Users’ Council and unanimously decided to hold meetings on a more frequent basis, i.e. every three months and not every six months as has been the case so far.