Rights and obligations of passengers and carriers in liner shipping

Rights and obligations of passengers and carriers in liner shipping

  • The shipping companies to provide accurate information and full information to the traveling public. The agents of the ferry companies are obliged to inform the traveling public about the options, all available rates offered by various shipping companies and the discounts it deserves.
  • The owner must comply with the mandatory discounts for special categories of citizens:

Absorbed 100% discount in economy class

Children up to 5 years - 100% discount (the right one bed for every two)

Children aged 5-10 years, 50% discount

War invalids, war victims, helpers or attendants and National Resistance fighters, a 50% (mandatory bed right in the position they wish to travel if this position diatheteiklines)

Disabled people with a disability 80% and above-50% discount on economy class

Large families-50% discount on economy class

Retired NAT-50% discount on economy class

  • In these cases, passengers have to board to produce the relevant documentary evidence (specific identity card, birth certificate of minor card large families, health authority decision, etc.). The owner is required to perform precise routes, to make public by all appropriate means and time to inform the public about their implementation.
  • Especially in cases of cancellation or disruption of services (eg failures, bad weather, etc.), shipping companies must take appropriate measures in the early passenger information, in consultation with the co shipping agents and port authorities . Otherwise it would impose the maximum statutory penalties are:
a) 37 455 euros (for incorrect information passengers and other violations port regulation)

b) EUR 500,000 (for security of ships and other offenses).
  • The shipping company is responsible for the damage and loss of luggage on board, if delivered, issued for safekeeping receipt. Instead, the company is not responsible for theft, damage or loss of baggage when the passenger carries with him, except for wrongful act of the captain or crew.

Source: YEN Press Office

Passenger Rights and Responsibilities

Passenger Rights

  • In case of delay, the passenger is entitled to stay on board until departure.
  • The extension does not consider the delay, but in case of cancellation of service to the fault of the owner, the passenger may cancel his ticket and is entitled to reimbursement of money paid.
  • Alternatively, the right cover accommodation costs and food until departure. In this case, including the right to compensation.
  • If a passenger has "cut off" tickets that go overboard overbooked, it must notify the local port authorities so that the port authority or to impose an administrative fine and to inform the public prosecutor to prosecute.
  • Also, in case of failure on board the passenger is entitled to or require reimbursement of fares according to distance traveled is not whether to remain on board until the resumption of the voyage, if possible. In these cases, and based compensation.
  • If, before the ship, the passenger states that he wants to travel, or for reasons of illness or other unforeseeable circumstances unable to board, is entitled to a refund of half the fare.
  • When boarding, the passenger must show the ticket and is entitled to occupy the same position or a cabin that appears in it. If not given the agreed position, the passenger may cancel the ticket and ask for compensation, unless the owner of the place another similar position or cabin. When placed in a position lower than that on the ticket is entitled to recover the price difference.
  • During the trip, if the passenger does not have the service must provide the shipping company in terms of transport could make his complaint to the captain or first mate of the ship and after the trip can be addressed port authorities.
  • Finally, passengers traveling with a shipping company are entitled to full compensation in the event of a maritime accident (as defined by law).
  • The passenger is responsible for loading and unloading of the vehicle on the ship. If the vehicle is damaged by poor handling of the master while it is inside the ship, the passenger is entitled to compensation from the shipping company.

Obligations of Passengers

  • Passengers should read carefully the conditions set out in the ticket stub.
  • The passenger has to come on board before the scheduled departure. If the vehicle owner, you should be at the waiting area 1 hour before departure.
  • If the passenger holding a ticket does not come in time to ship (to the scheduled time of departure) is not entitled to a refund of the fare paid.
  • Compliance with the regulations of the ship and the captain is the responsibility of the passenger
  • If the passenger disembarked at an intermediate port and not the final destination, pay the full ticket agreed
  • For the luggage of a passenger fare is specific only if they exceed the volume or weight indicated on the ticket.
  • Passengers must carry their items will be needed during the journey, and after departure are not allowed in the area of vehicle
  • Also, passengers are prohibited from carrying explosive, flammable and other dangerous materials, while we must keep the Port, Customs and Health regulations.

LAW 3709/2008  and its modifications/additions