Notification of significant change of voting rights pursuant to Law 3556/2007

Piraeus, 17.08.2017

Pursuant to the provisions of Law 3556/2007, Piraeus Port Authority S.A. (hereinafter “PPA”), announces the below notification received from Lansdowne Partners International Limited on 17 August 2017:

1. Corporate name of person subject to the notification obligation: Lansdowne Partners International Limited (“LPIL”), Lansdowne Partners Limited (“LPL”), Lansdowne Partners (UK) LLP (“LPUK LLP”) and Lansdowne European Equity Master Fund Limited (the “Fund”).
2. Corporate name of shareholders: Lansdowne European Equity Master Fund Limited (the “Fund”).
3. LPΙL controls LPL and LPL controls LPUK LLP. LPUK LLP acts as the investment manager of and is entitled to exercise the voting rights attached to the shares in PPA held by the Fund.
Pursuant to certain transactions in PPA shares made on 14 August 2017, the percentage of voting rights in PPA (i) indirectly held by each of LPIL, LPL and LPUK LLP and (ii) directly held by the Fund has reached the 5% threshold by reference to the respective LPIL notification dated 11 May 2017.
4. The above notification is being made by LPIL on its own account and on behalf of each of LPL, LPUK LLP and the Fund in accordance with article 13, par. 1(a) of Law 3556/2007.