Corporate Announcements

The Piraeus Port Authority SA has obtained an internationally recognized Certificate from the National Certification Body of EBETAM SA for the Managing Adequacy System implemented according to the requirements of the ELOT1429: 2008 standard for the implementation of public projects. EBETAM is a company of public interest under the supervision of the General Secretariat for Industry of the Ministry of Development.
The Management of PPA SA announces the resignation of Deputy CEO and CFO
  P.P.A. S.A. announces the signing of the new Collective Labor Agreement with the employees’ representatives of PPA personnel in accordance with the provisions of Law 1876/1990 and after long negotiations with Labor Unions and PPA Management.  
The Board of Directors of PPA SA approved the financial statements of the first half of 2017, according to which the basic figures are the following:
PPA SA announces that the shareholder "Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund S.A." by letter dated 23 Aug. 2017, appoints according to the procedure of the paragraphs 2 and 3 of art. 7 of the PPA's Articles of Incorporation as a non-executive member of PPA' s Board of Directors Mr. Charalampis Karamaneas, in replacement of the late member Ioannis Kouvaris.
Pursuant to the provisions of Law 3556/2007, Piraeus Port Authority S.A. (hereinafter “PPA”), announces the below notification received from Lansdowne Partners International Limited on 17 August 2017
Piraeus Port Authority S.A. announces that on Friday 28/7/2017, took place in the offices of Athens Exchange the Adjourned Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders with only issue the “Amendment of article 9 par 1 of the company’s articles of incorporation, in order to include mainland China and Hong Kong, as BoD convocation sites”.
The Management of Hellenic Exchanges - Athens Stock Exchange SA Holdings (ATHEX)...
Piraeus Port Authority SA following the announcement of June 28 informs the investors’ community that..
Piraeus Port Authority S.A. announces that, according to the Article of the Athens Exchange Regulation and following the decision of the Annual General Meeting of shareholders on 28 June 2017, the dividend for the financial year 2016 amounts to 0,0892 euros per share, which dividend is subject to 15% withholding tax and  therefore the net final amount payable will be 0,0758 Euro per share.