Corporate Announcements

Piraeus Port Authority SA informs the investors about the proposed changes to the articles of the incorporation, which will come up for approval at the forthcoming Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on July 18, 2016
After the Adjourned Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of PPA SA on 10/6/2016, the Board of Directors convened at the same date, and decided the appointment of its members as follows
Piraeus Port Authority S.A. announces that on Monday 10/6/2016, took place in the offices of Athens Exchange the Adjourned Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of PPA SA.
Piraeus port Authority announces that on Tuesday 31/5/2016, took place in the Athens Plaza hotel the Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders of PPA S.A.
                                                    INVITATION                        to the Shareholders of the Societe Anonyme with the name        “Piraeus Port Authority Societe Anonyme” and with distinctive title “PPA S.A.”                                       to the Annual General Meeting
An unexpected tilt showed this morning the RoRo vessel "Panagia of Tinos” R.P. 9913 which remained in the central Piraeus port immobilized and confiscated from the Navy Retirement Fund
Further to previous announcement, Piraeus Port Authority SA discloses that the replacement
Piraeus Port Authority SA with distinctive title PPA S.A. informs the investor community, according to the L. 3556/2007