Corporate Announcements

After the Annual shareholders’ General Meeting of P.P.A. SA on 22/6/2015, concerning the election of BoD members, the Board of Directors convened at the same date, and decided the appointment of its members as follows:
Completed the Board of PPA SA meeting during which was announced the request of HRADF to postpone the Annual General Meeting
PPA S.A. informs the investors community that, due to the postponement of all the items of the Annual General Meeting on Monday 22/06/2015 the ex-dividend and payment of dividend for the year 2014 will not take place on dates announced (17/06/2015 and 23/6/ 2015 respectively).
Lawfully convened under the chairmanship of the Chairman Mr. George Anomeritis the Ordinary General Meeting of the organization in the conference hall of PPA S.A. The General Meeting was attended by shareholders holding 20.257.349 shares of a total of 25,000,000 shares or percentage of 81,03% of the share capital
In response to some comments of electronic Press, PPA SA informs its shareholders and the investors’ community that the contract with MSC concluded in 2010 for containers handling in Pier I of the Container Terminal, remains fully valid and the liabilities of M.S.C. are absolutely respected.
PA SA BoD approved the interim financial statements of the quarter January - March 2015 in accordance with international financial reporting standards.
Piraeus Port Authority SA announces the following changes to the financial calendar for the year 2015:
Τhe Presentation of annual results for the use 2014 of PPA SA
Piraeus Port Authority S.A. pursuant to the provisions of the Law 3556/2007, announces the notification received from Lansdowne Partners Limited on May 4, 2015, as following: