Corporate Announcements

The Board of PPA SA approved the annual financial statements of 01.01.2015 - 31.12.2015 period according to which the main figures are the following:               
Piraeus Port Authority S.A. announces the financial calendar for the year 2016
Invitation to the Shareholders to the Shareholders of the Societe Anonyme with the name “Piraeus Port Authority Societe Anonyme” and with distinctive title “PPA S.A.” to the Extraordinary General Meeting
Piraeus Port Authority SA notifies press release of the HRADF on the privatisation process for the sale of a 67% shareholding in PPA SA
Piraeus Port Authority SA announces that during yesterday's meeting of the Board of Directors was decided to continue the renegotiation process of "Concession Agreement between Greek Public and PPA SA"
Municipality of Keratsini - Drapetsonas imposed freezing bank accounts of PPA to recover 6.8 m. Euros for council tax fines and penalties for the years 1995-1999, arbitrarily imposed and calculated, without offering any return service on port land zone of PPA.
Piraeus Port Authority SA notifies the information received from the HRADF