Press Releases

The opening of the Second International Passenger Terminal of the Piraeus Port Authority SA will be held on Monday, May 27th 2013 at 12:30 pm. The inauguration will be done by the Minister of Marine and Aegean Mr. Konstantinos Mousouroulis. 
A new 5-year contract for the Research Project Monitoring the quality of the marine environment was signed between the University of Piraeus and the Piraeus Port Authority SA. 
The Technical Experts Meeting of the European Project SUPPORT (Security Upgrade for PORT's) is convening on the 18th and 19th April, at PPA SA HQ.The SUPPORT project will be implemented in full scale on two EU ports, Piraeus and Gothenburg.
With the decision of having the car loading station, at the Car Terminal of PPA SA in N. Ikonio, in full operation by September 2013, ended the meeting held at PPA SA HQ, with the presence of the President and CEO of PPA SA, Mr. George Anomeritis, the CEO of ERGOSE SA, Mr. Costas Spiliopoulos, and managers of both companies.
The new collective labour agreements with: (A) The Federation of Permanent Employees of the Greek Ports (OMYLE) (B) The Association of Permanent and Cadet Dockers of PPA SA and (C) The Association of Supervisors and Main Workers (OFE)  were approved by the Board of PPA SA, after a three-month negotiation process between Unions and Management.
Profits before taxes of 6.323.537 Euros and after taxes of 4.957.091 Euros was showed by PPA SA in 2012, the turnover of which amounts to 106.592.452 Euros and gross profits of 19.934.259 Euros. Despite the increase in turnover (+1.39%) and gross profit (+16%) and despite a reduction of cost of sales, net gain was reduced compared to 2011 due to a significant reversal for litigation matters heard in favor of PPA SA concerning the use of 2011.
The Award event of the International Architectural Competition for the conversion of the SILO building and the surrounding area into the Museum of Underwater Antiquities, a project that is part of the global grid projects of the Cultural Coast of Piraeus, was completed at the Stone Warehouse of PPA SA.
The cruise ship Costa Magica was welcomed with festivities by PPA SA, at the main cruise port, thus honoring the day completing 65 years of operation of the company COSTA CROCIERE, which is a stable long-term partner of PPA SA. COSTA CROCIERE is an Italian company controlled by British and Americans, based in Genoa and is now under the control of the Carnival Corporation.
With the awards ceremony of the International Architectural Competition for the Museum of Underwater Antiquities by the Minister of Education, Religion, Culture and Sports, Mr. K. Arvanitopoulos, the Minister of Marine and the Aegean Mr. K. Mousouroulis,
The preparatory works meeting, held at PPA SA headquarters, ended with the focus on quality and safe operation of the Central Passenger port of Piraeus during the summer of 2013.