Press Releases

Based on the statistics of the Container Terminal of PPA SA, for the first eight months (January-August) of 2012, the following incremental data for domestic and transit containers (TEU's) of the Container Terminal at PPA SA show:
The approving of projects for port infrastructure maintenance was decided by the Board of Directors of PPA SA.
The conference for developing the cruise industry in the Black Sea, held at Odessa, Ukraine from 20/09/12 to 22/09/12 was successfully completed, which was attended by the Director General of PPA SA and Chairman of MedCruise, Mr Stavros Hatzakos.
The welcoming of yet another cruise ship, which is visiting Greece and the port of Piraeus for the first time, was organized by PPA SA. It is the cruise ship of TUI CRUISES, named "MEIN SCHIFF 2", with a length of 262 meters, with 2.000 German passengers and 800 crew members.
The European Congress of the Santorini Boatmen called “Towards a European Regulation of Ports and the Principle of Subsidiarity” and the Congress “Thalatta 2012: Sustainable marine economy in insular areas” was attended by the President and CEO of PPA SA, George Anomeritis and managers of PPA SA and the Hellenic Ports Association (Elime), which were key contributors to the work of the Conference.
The two-day annual conference of the European Project "SUPPORT" was completed in PPA SA, one of the twenty (20) European programs in which PPA SA actively participates.
The special awards committee of the European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO) has announced that ten (10) ports, including the Port of Piraeus, have been selected for it’s annual prize.
The docking of the floating museum "Thales of Miletus" in order to remain seaworthy and able to be visited under sponsorship of PPA SA was decided by the Management Council of the Company based on the policies of supporting culture and maritime activities.
The Management Council of PPA SA decided to maintain the two vessel gates at the permanent dry docks in Haetionian Coast, through open tender with a budget of 185.000 Euro plus 42.500 Euro VAT.
The good performance of PPA SA was continued with a significant increase in the movement of goods in the Container and Car terminals, as shown by the provisional data of the period January-August 2012 by the competent departments.