Press Releases

At a meeting held in the municipality of Piraeus on the issue of European Maritime Day 2015, the year in which Piraeus and the port are the honorees, attended by Commissioner Mrs M. Damanaki, Minister of Marine and the Aegean Mr. M. Varvitsiotis, Deputy Head of the Prefect Mr. S. Christou and representatives of other bodies, the President and CEO of PPA SA Mr. George Anomeritis submitted to the Mayor of Piraeus Mr. B. Michaloliakos, a precise recommendation, whose main…
In the context of the agreement between PPA and PCT SA to build the Western Pier III and additional works, the two sides with ultimate responsibility continue their negotiations on technical and substantive points of a "Draft Agreement of the amicable settlement."
MedCruise (the Association of Mediterranean Cruise Ports) and through it the PPA SA, is participating this year, for the first time, in the Cruise Shipping Asia Pacific exhibition, which takes place in Singapore from the 8th till the 10th October 2013. MedCruise President and General Manager of PPA SA, Mr. Stavros Chatzakos, and the Secretary General of MedCruise, Mr. Thanos Pallis , who lead the 12-member MedCruise delegation from five countries (Spain, France , Italy , Slovenia, Greece), will represent…
1. PPA SA participated in the Seatrade Europe conference which took place in Hamburg, Germany and in the International Cruise Exhibition, led by the General Director of the company Mr. Stavros Chatzakos, who was keynote speaker at the Cruise Conference. In the exhibition 250 exhibitors from 50 countries participated, along with 270 Cruise members, who decide on the strategies of the industry, and 4.000 attendants.
On October 17th 2013, the third Cruise Workshop themed “Cruise 2014” will be held, which is annually organized by the Hellenic Ports Association (Elime) and PPA SA.
The joint effort of the Greek National Opera and the PPA to create a cultural event in the land area of the port was a complete success. An event which will continue throughout the winter at the International Passenger Terminal “Themistocles” and at the Stone Warehouse at the “Pericles” Coast, Drapetsona.
A large delegation of the Tianjin port of China visited the PPA for talks on the operation of the passenger cruise port. The delegation was accompanied by representatives of the PPA Administration, Messrs. T. Tsitouras Cruise Director, Mr. D. Agrapidis Head of Cruise Department, Mr. T. Karlis Head of Strategic Planning, Prof. A. Korres Management Consultant and after the meeting toured the A’ Passenger Terminal “Miaoulis” and the new passenger terminal B’ “Themistocles”, launched in May 2013.
The PPA S.A. invites art admirers and all the citizens of Piraeus to attend the Open Trial of the Orchestra of the National Opera to be held within the port area (Gate E9 opposite Agios Spyridon, Miaouli Coast) on Thursday, September 26th 2013, at 18:00
A meeting concerning investment briefing was held at the Headquarters of PPA, by the PPA and representatives of the investment company Utilico Investments Limited.
The large expansion project of the cruise port of PPA SA, costing 120 million, is starting.The Board of PPA SA, following the adoption by the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Climate Change of the environmental conditions, decided: