Press Releases

A detailed Table of environmental programs, which is implemented by the PPA and released by the Agency, in accordance with what is expounded by the President and CEO, Mr. George Anomeritis, at  the Workshop on Environment in European Ports which was conducted by Ecocity at the University of Piraeus .
A Workshop with the subject: “Security in European Ports” is organized by the Hellenic Port Association, PPA SA and the Community Programs, SUPPORT and SEE Mariner of the EU.
The Minister of East African Affairs, Trade and Tourism of the Republic of Kenya Mrs. Phyllis Jepkosgei Kandie, accompanied by the Ambassador of Kenya, JW Gaita, the Consul Ms . B. Pantazopoulou and Directors of the Government of Kenya visited the PPA S.A.
A representation of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office visited the PPA HQ and held talks with officials from PPA, headed by Deputy CEO Mr Panagiotis Petroulis.
An increase by 20.21% of cruise passenger traffic has been noted in October 2013, compared to October 2012, at the Port of Piraeus. This phenomenon, of a substantial increase in cruise passenger traffic even in a month not in the typical summer season, is mainly due to the unexpected increase by 45.79% of passengers who embarked at the port of Piraeus (home). For the same period, transit cruise passengers increased by 15.98%.
Negotiations have been completed for the Draft Agreement B’ Modification of the Concession Agreement of 2008 between PPA SA and PCT SA, in which the  two sides reached after the MoU and the practical of procedures, which were signed in June and August of 2013.
In response to comment made in the press, PPA as a Societe Anonyme listed on the Athens Stock Exchange notifies that, has no debt to the government, the  National Insunce Contribution (IKA) and other insurance funds.
Press Release The Board of PPA SA approved the contract and contractual documents for the award of the project “Underground road, linking the commercial port at the car-terminal N.Ikonio with the adjacent site of the former ODDY, 75.000 m2, estimated at 50.707 Euros plus VAT”.The aim of the project is to utilize investments of this space in order to expand the car-terminal or for logistics work.
Press Release 1. German MPs delegation visited the PPA, which together with their partners visited the facilities for passengers and commercial port of Piraeus.The Delegation Members met with the President of the PPA Mr. George Anomeritis and General Manager Mr. St. Chatzakos with whom they discussed issues for the strategic development of the port, but also for the role of the Greek port system in the Greek economy.
Press Release By decision of the Directorate Council of PPA SA eighteen (18) inactive and abandoned ships are tendered or re-tendered, since they have been left for a long time in the Perama area and the Abelakia Bay.The sale of these ships will be open to a competitive bidding process, based on the amounts set by the inspection report issued by the assessment firm.