Press Releases

In response to the articles released and refer to supposedly licensing deficiencies in the investment plan implementation of PPA S.A., the Management of the Company, strictly applying the laws of Greece and the EU as well as the provisions for the listed companies, informs about the following:
The PPA S.A. took the initiative for the donation of protective masks and antiseptics to the local authorities and specifically to the surrounding Municipalities of the port, namely Piraeus, Keratsini - Drapetsona, Salamis and Perama.
Regarding the announcement released on the subject of the operation of sanitary facilities in the Ship Repair Zone of Perama, PPA S.A. would like to clarify that in addition to existing infrastructure, the company has already installed two more chemical toilets for the employees in NEZ during this period of the epidemic outbreak and has also planned the construction of bigger sanitary areas.
The Management of PPA S.A., following the Press Release of OMYLE and the PPA Unions dated 6/4/2020, which we read with surprise, would like to inform about the following:
The PPA S.A, responding to the urgent request of the Management of the “METAXA” Cancer Hospital of Piraeus, searched in the market and offered 4,000 surgical masks for the direct operational needs of the hospital.
The PPA S.A. announces that in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility and in consultation with the Minister of Shipping and Insular Policy Mr. Ioannis Plakiotakis, considered positively the request of the Association of Passenger Shipping Companies BoD and decided the duration extension of the temporary designated berthing repair positions, as well as the reduced charges applied for the coastal vessels in the passenger port of Piraeus until April 30th 2020.
PPA S.A. offered a donation of sanitary material to the "TZANEIO" General Hospital in Piraeus in order to support the new beds operation in the new ICU (Intensive Care Unit) for patients with COVID-19.  
The Piraeus Port Authority, recognizing the great contribution of the Hellenic Coast Guard and the valuable services that provides in Greece, especially during this difficult period, proceeded to the donation of equipment (special protective suits, single-use gloves and protective glasses) for the special protection needs of the Hellenic Coast Guard officers.
Piraeus Port Authority S.A. in the context of its social responsibility, having as top priority to ensure the health of both its employees and customers and in order to contribute reducing the spread of COVID – 19, has proceeded to the following actions: