Press Releases

The Ambassador of Singapore Mr. Koh Yong Guan had an informational meeting with the CEO of PPA S.A. Captain Fu Chengqiu, at the headquarters of the Company.
One more cruise ship, "LE LAPEROUSE", built in June 2018, which is visiting Greece and the port of Piraeus for the first time, welcomed today Friday 05.10.2018 representatives of PPA Management and handed to the Master Mr. David Marionneau an honorary plaque and gifts (books) for the ship's library.
The management of PPA S.A. welcomed today one more new generation cruise ship (300m long) during its first visit to Piraeus. This is "Mein Schiff 4" of TUI Cruises which for the rest of the year and in 2019 will visit Greece and Piraeus during its trips.
The President of the Hellenic Parliament Mr. Nikolaos Voutsis made an official visit on Friday 28th September 2018, after the invitation of the CEO Capt. Fu Chengqiu, at the headquarters of PPA S.A. and had an information meeting with Capt. Fu Chengqiu, in the presence of Ms. Zhang Qiyue, Chinese Ambassador to our country and senior executives of the Company's Management. The visit was also attended by the Secretary General for Ports, Port Policy and Maritime Investments, Mr. Christos Lambridis.
The BoD of PPA S.A. approved the financial statements for the first semester of 2018, according to which the basic figures are the following:
One more important strategic partnership was founded with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) today, September 12th 2018, between PPA S.A. and Guangzhou Port which is one of the 10 largest commercial ports in the world.
The reaction of PPA S.A. services to the fire broke out on the ship "Eleftherios Venizelos" was prompt and effective the early hours of Wednesday, 29th August 2018. More specifically, the competent services of PPA, as soon as they were informed of the incident, provided:
  PPA S.A. participates in the national mourning for the devastating fire that hit the area of Attica and cost life of an undefined up to now number of our fellow citizens.  
An important strategic cooperation was founded with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on 23 July 2018 between PPA S.A. and Qingdao Port Group.
On July 19, 2018, PPA SA organizes an event on Marine Surveillance in the Mediterranean which will take place at PPA, 10 Akti Miaouli, PI 18538, Piraeus. The event is a key activity within the Interreg MED project "PROmoting security and safeTy by crEating a MED clUster on Maritime Surveillance" (PROteuS).